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How You Can Help

Why Help?

This project is not only a commercial venture but also something aimed at helping people around the world.  The Global ID initiative aims to improve the administration of organisations (and hence their profitability) and to make global trade easier; especially for developing countries.  It does this by removing the uncertainty and guesswork associated with trading with people and organisations at a distance.

The Global ID initiative is inexpensive.  There are no membership fees.  Unique encrypted numbers are very cheap to purchase.  We do everything possible to assist users to use these numbers; including providing free software for printing of barcodes and writing databases that will use the numbers.

The ability of being able to, in a cost-affordable way, individually identify products, their quality and their provenance takes a lot of the risk out of dealing in foreign markets; markets which developing countries need in order that they can sell their products. 

Importantly, a significant proportion of this project's income will be spent developing Open Source Software for the benefit of all.

To appreciate the relevance of Open Source Software to the future of this planet (and your own existence and that of your children and their children!) go to Project Nicaea.

Ways to Help

You can help in the following ways:
  1. Use our system of unique identification.  Buy some numbers.  Even if you only buy a small amount, having lots of clients will add markedly to the credibility of this scheme.  An unsolicited innovative proposal was put to the Australian Department of Defence regarding this technology.  Their reply was that even though this "was a great idea" (their words!), they could not use it because it was novel; no one else was using this system and they only use systems that are well-accepted by the International Community.
  2. Provide us with product lists with their existing barcode and ID numbers.  We need to obtain all of the product lists that are used throughout the world and associate a NU-ERA number against that product.  We will, free of charge, associate NuEra-ID NU-ERA numbers with every product number presently listed in the various catalogues around the world and publish these lists on this web-site.  We will also make freely available these lists of NU-ERA numbers linked to product list numbers on our web-site as Comma Separated Variable Files for downloading by anyone who wants to use them.  In this way, the NU-ERA number becomes a super-number spanning all product lists.  Organisations and people who need NU-ERA numbers to individually identify items they are making and/or selling can buy them from us at a very reasonable price, as advertised in the "PURCHASE NUMBERS" section of this web-site.
  3. Help us develop Software that is Useful for printing barcodes and managing items of all natures.  It is our intention to share our software with anyone who wants to use it under the Lesser General Public Licence; the same licence used for much of the Open Source Software that is developed throughout the world.  If you are technical, if you believe this project has worth and the things we are trying to achieve are worthwhile, we would be very pleased to hear from you.
  4. Spread the word.  This idea can only thrive if it is used.  If you know of someone who could use this technology, please tell them about it.  If you can help us with our sales and marketing, we would be pleased to have your assistance and would pay you on a commission basis.  Tests at the the Australian Defence Force's National Supply and Distribution Centre have shown that this system of ID involves around 60% less effort than a system of individual identification based on GS1.  Compare the prices.  I think you will find that the NU-ERA system of unique and generic identification is many times cheaper than GS1.  There are no membership fees and the cost of numbers is very, very small.  All numbers issued are guaranteed to be unique and it is possible to ascertain positively that any number you are dealing with did, in fact, come from the Global ID Registry operated by NuEra-ID.
  5. Donate Money.  So far we have raised (and spent) almost a half a million dollars developing our hardware and software to this point.  We need around $5 million to develop the things necessary to make this idea a reality.  Such things as an Application Specific Integrated Circuit for a reader capable of reading our barcode at a rate of 200 frames per second and a low-cost hand-held laser etcher capable of etching our barcode, typically 4.5mm by 3.6mm in size, onto any hard surface.  We've made some money from delivering consultancy services and hope to make more but any assistance you can give would be most appreciated.  If you wish to donate money, please write to me.
  6. Become a Registrar.  Your or your company could become a registrar.  Our aim is to have a number of registrars, not unlike those that operate on the Internet selling domains.  If you become a registrar, you are paid a commission on every number you sell.  With potential sales of billions of numbers per year, there is the opportunity to make a good income from providing this service to users.

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