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Purchase GIDR Unique Numbers

How to purchase numbers.  The cost of numbers is based on a sliding scale as shown below.  To purchase numbers:
  1. Copy the following text in quotes (for later pasting into the title of an email) "REQUEST TO PURCHASE GIDR NUMBERS #111225"
  2. Click on  Depending on how your system has been configured, this should launch your email client and present you with a blank email for you to complete and send. 
  3. Into the title of this email, paste in the text you copied before: REQUEST TO PURCHASE GIDR NUMBERS #111225.  Note: if you do not paste this string of text into the title, your email will be sent to the SPAM "trash can"... never to be seen again!! It could also cause your email address to be blacklisted for future emails so please don't forget to paste the text into the title.  This email in no way obligates you to transact a purchase of numbers.   It is only for the purposes of us making contact with you so that we can provide you with a service if you decide to proceed (which, of course, we hope you will!).
  4. Place any message you wish into the body of the email.  For example, give us some indication of the nature of your business and how we might be able to assist you.  This is not essential.  We do not need to know anything about you (if you wish to keep your activities confidential) in order to issue you numbers.

We will reply to your email and we can then issue numbers on payment of a small fee for our services per the schedule below. 

If we can help you with free software or provide you with consultancy services so that you can make better use of our numbers we would be delighted to do so.

Schedule of Charges

Cost per Unique IDQty FromQty CostAdmin ChargeTotal Cost
0.1000 cents1$0.001$10.00$10.00
0.0500 cents1,000,001$4,950.00$10.00$510.00
0.0400 cents100,000,001$6,000.00$10.00$40,010.00
0.0350 cents250,000,001$8,750.00$10.00$87,510.00
0.0300 cents500,000,001$15,000.00$10.00$150,010.00
0.0250 cents1,000,000,001$37,500.00$10.00$250,310.00
0.0200 cents2,500,000,001$50,000.00$10.00$500,010.00
0.0150 cents5,000,000,001$75,000.00$10.00$750,010.00
0.0100 cents10,000,000,001$100,000.00$10.00$1,000,010.00

Unlike Global System One (GS1) there are no membership fees.  You may associate your numbers with any product or item/object you wish and you may promulgate this association using the GIDR and NuEra-ID services if you wish for free!  Anyone may, for free, download this list, associating your products to NU-ERA numbers, in a file which is in CSV format per RFC4180, for use within their own systems if you wish them to do that.  This will help your customers with their accounting and make your products more attractive to them.

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